About us

Homemade Belgian Waffles on a Stick, with a modern, sophisticated and​cool twist. Coated with the smoothest velvety chocolate we could find and topped with delicious toppings.

How it started?

Ms. Waffles was established in March 2019 and launched on the 7th of April 2019. Ms. Waffles is a modern twist on the traditional Belgian waffle, created by owners Mallory & Segan. The mission in mind was to develop a Great Gourmet Waffle… On a Stick! We wanted to bring together a sophisticated (but cool) street food dessert that ANYONE with good taste and a sweet tooth could enjoy in the street food markets.

The Secret Ingredient

​The creamy waffle batter was mastered in the kitchen of a passionate Mum & Dad, who believed in the dream of their entrepreneurial daughter… And so, with a dash of inspiration, a dollop of decadence, a spoonful of flavour and a sprinkle of love, the Mum created the most delicious “crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside” waffle you could ever bite into.

Our Journey thus far...

Our little venture started on the 'streets' of the beautiful city of Durban. At the inception of our venture we decided to never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. One of our defining ingredients (and one we are exceptionally proud of) is our imported Belgian chocolate that is used to cover our waffles. The smooth, velvety Belgian chocolate is available in Milk, White, Dark, Caramel & Ruby Cocoa, giving our tasters limitless options to experience different flavours of decadence. Now we have opened a branch in Randburg Johannesburg with all our beloved waffles for you to enjoy

To complement our chocolate splendor, we also offer a range of exciting toppings, each of which was individually selected to cater to a specific taste preference. We also cater and tailor make packages for Parties, Weddings, Traditional Pre-wedding Celebrations, Events & Office Parties, giving you the opportunity to host your guests to a fabulous Live Waffle Station.